Welcome to Safi’s press! Let’s have a look at the time Safimag extraordinary picture collaborations made it to a magazine, book, CD or videoclip COVER, followed by a closer sight of more images shot through Safi’s lens & published around the medias.


Creations Dorees appeared on the cover of Ticket Magazine with the article spread also featured on Le Nouvelliste for their participation at Artisanat en Fete Haiti in 2013. This picture of the hand made jewelry designer duo, Stephanie Dartigue & Sara Magloire was captured backstage during EXTRAVAGANZA, the opening ceremony for the second edition of Haiti Fashion Week. Click here to view the full Extravaganza album & visit to shop for all your accessories worldwide.

Jesi Chancy Manigat had a special issue dedicated to her life as a feminist & economist on RENCONTRE, a magazine on Haitian society & culture, in 2014 thanks to CRESFED. This picture was taken during her daughter’s birthday party in Port-au-Prince. The image was chosen to also represent the funeral portrait. The back cover photo of Jesi came as well from Safi’s archives. ONE JESI!


MANNO CHARLEMAGNE - POU LAVI FLERI - C3 EDITIONManno Charlemagne got a book celebrating his music career written by Michel Soukar published under C3 Editions Haiti. The photo was shot during a concert & also got printed on the cd inside the retrospective book as well as many more photography capture by Safi in addition to pictures from family archives of Emmanuel Charlemagne before he passed away. POU LA VI FLERI is the title in creole meaning to “let life flourish”.

RESPE Manno!

CHANSONS D'HAITI 2017Back in 2017, musician & drummer Welele Doubout alongside Fondation Odette Roy Fombrun & Chansons D’HAITI, came together to create a music album named “Drum, the ancestral soul” regrouping a few of the basic drums sounds of Haitian folklore in order to preserve the patrimony & AYITI ancestral rhythm heritage. This back cover picture got snapped during a sunset break on the friendship road between Port-au-Prince & Jacmel. Write to for details on how to get your CD.


Obia Le Chef, rapper & songwriter launched his first solo album named SOUFFLETTE in 2018. While filming a video for the song titled “PAS NE” meaning “not born” in French, this photo, also captured by Safi came out & was supposed to only be part of the behind-the-scene album but made it to the video clip cover & promotion flyer. Click here to view the actual music video shot in Montreal. Down below this post is an overview of Safi’s previous publications where you’ll get to see many more features, even other ones with Obia Le Chef during this lifetime.

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