Regine Chassagne & Dr. Paul Farmer @ UQAM University.

HUMANITY… On an extraordinary fall day, Dr. Paul Farmer, co founder of PIH, Partners in Health, met with Regine Chassagne, singer of the Arcade Fire music group, at UQAM & Concordia university, in Montreal, where was held the conferences on humanitarian aid. The latest book, “Mountains beyond mountains” presented, recently translated in French, talks about the work of Dr. Paul Farmer in Haiti, a story by the author, Tracy Kidder. 

The work of Dr. Paul Farmer, from Harvard University to Haïti, full of love for humanity, can be found in the book, where all the sale profits will go to KANPE foundation, witch was born of a desire to play an integral part in the fight to help Haiti break free from a vicious cycle of poverty. A foundation where Regine became the grand ambassador along with Madeleine Féquière, member of KANPE’s Board of Directors, who shared their vision about their mission & engagement on improving life in Haïti by helping families become financially independent. “Haiti rebuilds one village at a time” is the motto. « Because we all deserve a little more then just health, a little plus, even luxury » said Regine Chassagne, who wrote the preface of « Mountains beyond mountains ».

Haïti, yes or no… Is the cradle of humanity? We all then, deserve to live in unity & dignity, even bring our country to a model of development. As we are all somehow connected, attached or related to this country, we must get together & carry on for a better, brighter & stronger Haïti.  

Dr. Paul Farmer, Madeleine Féquière & Regine Chassagne @ Concordia University rebuilding & standing with Haïti.

Like KANPE foundation partnering with Fonkoze in rebuilding haïti with micro finance & PIH, committed to improving the health of the poor and marginalized since 1987, along with Arcade Fire & this desire to change the world…They all distinctively have found that one thing they can do & bring up front & act for the wealth of humanity, by giving this one thing there all. All works can become complementary, so can we, all be different & still stand tall & act more & more in harmony together for the better world we are all living in.  

Regine Chassagne @ Concordia University.

 This day ended on a perfect note, where after the conferences, Regine joined her Arcade Fire group, who was finally back in there hometown, Montréal to perform in front of 100 000 fans at the 2011 Pop Montréal annual festival after, touring the world & winning there very first album of the year nomination for THE SUBURBS DELUXE EDITION at The 2011 Annual Grammy Awards. I just happened to be there memorizing these precious & unforgettable moments in the great company of people I heart such as Obia le Chef, repping that Famous & members of Fast Forward Haïti, together with Loune Viaud, advisor of Partners in Health also know as Zanmi Lasante, in creol, standing with Dr. Paul Farmer, & partners helping humanity.

To know more about Arcade Fire & their associations with PIH, Partners in Health and KANPE Foundation please visite | |


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