Créations Dorées


Créations dorées Semi-precious black stone on gold necklace by Stéphanie

While lucky, assisting the second annual “Invest in Haïti Forum” at the grand Karibe Hotel & Convention Center in Port-au-Prince, Safimag was pleasantly surprised to meet with Stephanie & Sara, exhibiting their extraordinary artisanal jewelry & accessories, CREATIONS DORÉES!

Stéphanie & Sara, producers of Créations dorées

Créations Dorées is a Haitian company founded in 2009 by the amazing & very talented, women Stéphanie Dartigue & Sara Magloire, creating & working passionately with the artisans of Haïti.

Créations dorées wants to fill the life of their clients with colors magic & dreams by creating unique pieces & trying to exceed the eye’s expectations.

Stéphanie & Sara specialize in very trendy hand made products. They mostly create & produce for women, beautifull must have Créations dorées such as sandals, rings, necklaces, headbands, bags, belts, earrings, bracelets & key chains.


Stéphanie & Sara are looking to expand there creations to men & recently launched products for children. They work in ateliers with semi precious stones, glass beads & scarves to make these totally chic, colorful & successful outfit completion… Créations Dorées!

Créations dorées black & gold multifonction beaded clutch by Sara

Créations dorées artisanal products are sold at fairs & many stores such as “Hype shoe” or “Salon du Cadeau” taking place also at the Karibe starting today December 2, 3, 4, 2o11.

Little fix by Stéphanie on Safimag’s leopard ruban Créations dorées sandals

Safimag is glad to say that it allready possess a few peices from Créations dorées & also had the chance to get a very personnal fix by the one & only Stephanie for its leopard scarf sandals that are so confortable & sexy & that Safimag cannot now live without…

Even having people looking twice when they see it.

All the excitement happening next to Donna Karan exhibiting her new Urban Zen Foundation line produced in Haïti for Haïti, showcased with her participation this year at the tourism session, all at the Forum “Invest in Haïti”.

Along with Haïti’s actual president Michel Martelly, United States ex-president Bill Clinton, & many others here to invest for Haïti’s rich potential & culture, they cordially took the time to stop by & appreciate Créations dorées.

From Urban zen foundation Donna Karan to Sara & Stéphanie of Créations dorées working passionately with the artisans of Haïti, here exposing @ Invest in Haïti

Stephanie & Sara are looking to the future of Creations dorees & are ready to represent Haïti. The next participation where the creations will be available is at “Femmes, création et production” also happening at the Karibe Hotel on December 10th & 11th of 2o11.

For more information on Création dorées please visite their web site & stay tuned for more Safimag reports on the “Invest in Haïti” Forum.

Here is the gallery for a better view of Safimag photos of CREATIONS DOREES.  You can also Visite & like Safimag facebook page for more pictures on this Haïti journey. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Créations Dorées

  1. Congratulations to Stephanie & Sara for their amazing artisanal haitian art work with their precious “Creations dorees” line ! Safimag loves it all ! Keep it up !


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